The front door defines the entrance to your home and can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. However, it is just as important that your front door is secure. Improve front door security to ensure only guests can easily access your home.

A strong door provides protection and peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and valuables are safe even when you’re not there.

Techniques to Improve Front Door Security

While there are multiple ways to improve front door security, the techniques below are cost-effective and highly efficient.

Reinforce the Door Frame and Hinges

Even the most sophisticated measures to improve front door security might prove ineffective if your door frame and hinges are not reinforced and secure. So, before taking any other front door security measures, make sure the essential components of the door are strong.

Start by replacing your door’s hinge fasteners with screws at least 2½ inches long.  Add hinge bolts to reinforce the hinges so burglars can’t lift off the door even if they successfully remove the hinge pins.

Similarly, use metal jambs and hinge shields to reinforce your door frame and boost its strength.

Install a Strike Plate Lock to Improve Front Door Security

The working mechanism of a strike plate lock is similar to a door chain, but strike plate locks are much stronger and more durable.

This locking mechanism might be simple, but the security it provides is nothing to scoff at. Most importantly, it’s affordable and you can install it yourself in minutes.

Install a Motion Activated Camera Doorbell

One of the easiest ways to deter a would-be-burglar is to show that you’re watching. A doorbell camera can stop a break-in before it starts or give valuable insight if something happens while you’re not at home.

 If you have the budget for it, invest in a motion-activated camera that alerts you immediately it detects movement close by. However, install it 3 feet from the ground so it doesn’t send you false alarms when an animal passes by your front door.

A front door camera doorbell also lets you see who’s at the door before opening it.

Replace the Door

Many doors are built hollow to reduce weight and cost, but a hollow-core door is weaker than a solid wood or steel door.

You can improve front door security by swapping a hollow for a solid-core door. The initial cost is higher, but the peace and security it provides are worth the price. Most importantly, it deters burglars from trying to gain access forcefully as a solid core requires more effort to break down.

Home security is key to keeping your valuables safe and your mind at ease. Use these tips to make your home and family safer and more secure.

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