Why You Should Order an Inspection on New Construction

When buying an old house, many people are quick to ask for a home inspection to make sure that the house is in good condition. That decision doesn’t seem as obvious when buying a brand-new house since the assumption is that it’s perfectly built. To better understand why you should order an inspection on new construction, check out the five points below.


If the foundation and structure of your house are in good shape, you can expect it to last for generations. Many homeowners usually end up paying thousands of dollars to fix foundation issues. An inspection on new construction will check that there’s adequate waterproofing, the wood framing is even, and there are no cracks on the walls.

HVAC Unit and Ductwork

Air leaks in the ductwork waste resources and cause higher energy bills. An inspection on new construction will take identify any concerns in this area. Your home inspector will conduct a full inspection of the HVAC and ductwork, making sure no mistakes occurred with the installation of the system.

Insulation is Part of an Inspection on New Construction

Insulation regulates the flow of heat in the house. Proper insulation leads to lower monthly energy bills. The level of insulation in new homes is often minimal unless the buyer asks for additional insulation. A professional inspector will report how well your house was insulated during construction and make notes of any areas that need further attention.

Electrical and Plumbing Systems

Your home inspector will carefully check both plumbing and electrical systems. Even a tiny crack in a pipe can be the cause of serious problems in the future. The service line, service entrance, water meter, and water heater should be checked for any leaks or corrosion and that they were installed properly.

An inspection on new construction ensures that proper wiring, grounding, outlets, and switches have been installed in your new home.

Doors and Windows

The inspector will check for gaps and openings that would allow moisture or air to enter the home. Moisture will eventually lead to problems such as structural water damage and mold growth. Poorly sealed windows and doors also make your HVAC system work harder to heat and cool the home. 

Benefits of a Professional New Construction Inspection

Hiring a professional inspector to check the property before finalizing the sale or moving in has numerous benefits. Here are the top two reasons why you should order a new construction inspection. 

An Inspection on New Construction May Detail Hidden Issues

People buy new houses with the expectation that they will be free from any issues. This is not always the case. In some instances, contractors and subcontractors may work quickly, but not carefully. Mistakes sometimes happen, which is why a new construction inspection is so important. 

Below are some of the common problems found in brand new homes.

  • Drainage issues
  • Incorrect electrical wiring
  • Flooring issues
  • Foundation cracks
  • Poor framing
  • Bad grading
  • Poorly installed siding

An Inspection on New Construction Saves You Time and Money

When issues are discovered early by an inspector, it’s the builder’s responsibility to make repairs. When problems are identified and repaired before you move into the home, you’ll save both time and money. However, if you skip inspection on new construction, the problem becomes yours to deal with in the future.

Don’t skip a home inspection on new construction. Share the inspection report with your builder so he or she can make repairs before your family moves into the home.

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