Have you ever wondered how professional painters get such consistent results? In most cases, they have years of experience. However, they also use a few tips and techniques that you can adopt yourself. Follow the advice below to paint like a pro and make your home’s walls look amazing.

Use High-Quality Paint

With interior paint, you get what you pay for. Cheaper paint is thin and less pigmented. It won’t cover as well and brush on as smoothly. To paint like a pro, buy quality paint. With good paint, you often only have to apply one to two coats overall. You’ll also have an easier time achieving a smooth, even finish.

Paint Like a Pro: Prime First

Never apply paint without first applying a primer. Look for one compatible with your wall material and the paint you are using. For example, there are certain primers made for dark tinted paint. Scrape away any flaking paint before you apply the primer for smooth results.

Be Patient and Let It Dry

It’s tempting to rush through the painting process so you can finally admire your results. But if you do not let paint adequately dry between coats, your walls may look uneven and blotchy. Wait for at least three or four hours between coats; a whole day to dry is even better.

Batch Your Paint

Pros get even results by batching their paint, and if you want to paint like a pro, you need to do the same. Batching is simply mixing all of your paint containers before you begin. This way, if there was any inconsistency in the tinting of the paint, the colors will be evened out when you mix it.

Cut In, Then Roll

To paint like a pro, you should start using a brush to “cut in” each of your walls. This just means painting along the edges. Use an angled brush for this step.

Next, paint the bulk of the walls with a roller. Using a roller allows you to paint much faster, and it eliminates the worry of brush strokes in the centers of walls.

Paint Like a Pro on a Dry Day

If the air is too humid, your paint won’t dry quickly enough, and your finish may look blotchy and uneven. Wait for a dry day to paint. Also, run a dehumidifier while you paint. This will remove the excess moisture from the air, so your paint dries faster and more evenly.

You should get more professional results when painting your own home if you follow the tips above. Remember, there is no need to rush. Your paint job will always look better if you take your time, think things through, and go the extra mile with strategies like batching your paint.

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