Although termites are tiny, they can cause significant and costly damage to your home. Finding and eradicating termites early on is necessary to prevent expensive repairs and an unsafe structure. You may not see these insects around your property, but it’s helpful to be able to recognize signs of termites in your home.

Foundation Damage

Termites feed on wood and cellulose-based products, like the lumber of your house’s frame. These insects can damage sheetrock, support beams, and even laminate flooring. Pay attention to signs of termites. You may not always see the structural damage, but tapping on wood can help you detect them. If you hear a hollow sound, this could be because termites have caused significant damage to the wood.

Signs of Termites Include Frass

When termites chew through wood, they excrete droppings, called “frass.” It could be a termite infestation if you notice a substance like small pellets or sawdust. You may see frass in tiny piles near tiny holes in the walls, baseboards, or furniture.

Flying Insects Outdoors

If you suddenly notice an increase in winged insects, especially during the spring or summer, it could signify a termite colony nearby.

When a termite colony matures, it produces flying termites, commonly known as swarmers. These insects leave the nest to create a new colony in a different location. You might notice swarmers in places with bright light like window seals and doors. Also, check for discarded wings in these areas around your home.

Mud Tubes are Signs of Termites

Another sign of termites in your home is mud tubes along walls. Termites build these tubes to form tunnels through which they travel. They may appear on the exterior walls, foundation, or trees around your home.

Check for the Above Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites can cause a lot of damage within a short period. If you notice any of the signs discussed above, schedule an appointment with a pest control expert. Eradicating termites will protect your investment from the destruction these tiny insects can cause.

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